A couple questions: using parameters and stacking plots

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A couple questions: using parameters and stacking plots

Alan Corey
If I've got a bunch of csv files like iqd_1.dat, iqd_2.dat, iqd_3.dat
and I'd like to plot them to iqd_1.gif, iqd_2.gif, iqd_3.gif is there
a shortcut other than making a bunch of individual plot files?  I read
somewhere that until version 5 you could use $1 as a file name like in
unix scripts, it seems like something must have replaced that.  I
could write a for loop in Bash to plot the whole batch except I don't
know how to plug the names into Gnuplot, both as input files and as
image files.  $1.csv and $1.gif would be good.

There's probably a way to do this but I'm not sure what it's called,
where you've got many similar data files you want all on the same plot
with each one displaced vertically by say 10 pixels.  Some partly
obscure others, that's OK.  Does Gnuplot do that?

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