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Anomalies in Gnuplot

Dave Horsfall
Gnuplot 5.0 pl 3, on MacOS 10.11.5

I'm seeing a couple of glitches in Gnuplot, and I cannot see where I
stuffed up.

Browse over to and view the files therein; they
are a cut-down version of a script I use to plot my BP etc (note that my
dates use the format d/m/y, as I am not American; later graphs use the
more conventional yy/mm/dd, which actually sorts).

The gap towards the end of April is where I spent a week in hospital, but
note the sole dot in the middle; there is no datum for it, and anyway I
don't recall dashing home midway through my unintended confinement :-)

What would be causing it?  It's driving me nuts.

The other glitch is the datum for 18/4/16 (146), which did not go off the
scale but should have (at the time my scale was 0:140, since a BP of over
140 means Trouble), but that's not so important.

Help, anyone?

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will suffer."

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