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Aw: Re: default terminal for version 5.2 on Windows

Bastian Märkisch
The default terminal on Windows was changed to wxt for 5.2 in term.c yesterday.

Am 08.06.17, 02:06, Tatsuro MATSUOKA <[hidden email]> schrieb:
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> From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
> To: bmaerkisch; gnuplot-beta
> Cc:
> Date: 2017/6/2, Fri 18:25
> Subject: Re: default terminal for version 5.2 on Windows
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>>  From: ""Bastian Märkisch""
>>  To: gnuplot beta list
>>  Cc:
>>  Date: 2017/6/2, Fri 13:42
>>  Subject: default terminal for version 5.2 on Windows
>>  In version 5.0 on Windows, the wxt terminal is still the default terminal -
> in
>>  contrast to other platforms where it is "qt". Before version 4.2
> the
>>  default used to be the "windows" terminal. As is, the new default
> on
>>  Windows would be "qt", too.  But on Windows "qt" is
> still
>>  somewhat buggy (e.g. "replot-on-resize" just does not work) or is
>>  missing features compared to "wxt" or "windows"
> (printing,
>>  screendump, emf, docked windows). Also, the persist behaviour of
> "qt"
>>  is different (terminal in separate process), so this at least would have to
> be
>>  documented. Start-up time for the first plot is considerably longer for
>>  "qt". On the other hand "wxt" has been extended to
> support
>>  printing and emf export in version 5.2 and drawing is somewhat faster, too.
> The
>>  "windows" terminal is now on par concerning the quality of the
> plots,
>>  and also supports printing, export of emf and "docked graphs".
> The new
>>  (experimental) Direct2D backend of the terminal is currently the fastest
>>  plotting option on Windows (except for pattern fills). The
> "docking"
>>  of graph windows to the wgnuplot text window is useful e.g. when in
>>  "tablet-mode" (only maximised applications).
>>  My suggestion for 5.2 would hence be to either stick with "wxt"
> as the
>>  default terminal on Windows, or to switch to "windows" instead of
>>  "qt".
>>  The installer offers the user to change the GNUTERM environment variable to
>>  "windows", "wxt", or "qt" already.
>>    Bastian
> I agree with your proposal as a one of gnuplot for widnows user.
> Tatsuro

I am using -DDEFAULTTERM=\"wxt\" to CFLAGS in Makefile
to make the wxt terminal default for my binary distribution.

Are you planing the above by Makefile modification
or rewrite source code using ifdef?

The above question just comes from my curiosity.
I do have any opinion what you will do for windows terminal to be default.


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