Band structure plot, how to label vertical lines

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Band structure plot, how to label vertical lines

"Niedermayr, Arthur"
Hello everybody,

I want to make some band structure plots with gnuplot.

Vertical lines are not the problem, I can use this command to set a vert. line at the position = 3:
set arrow from 3, graph 0 to 3, graph 1 nohead

But I don't get how to label them (as I showed in the attached file in red).
If i try to set a label, I only succeed in setting the labels above the x axis, but not under the x axis as showed in the file.

What I need are a few labels under the x axis (like an offset) that also support greek characters.

Has anyone experience in it?
Can somebody help me?

Thank you in advance!

All the best,
Arthur Niedemayr
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