Now available: Gnuplot in Action, 2nd Edition

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Now available: Gnuplot in Action, 2nd Edition

Philipp K. Janert

Now available:

        Gnuplot in Action, Second Edition

After the usual and inevitable delays associated
with such a project, the 2nd edition of my book
"Gnuplot in Action" is now complete. It has been
sent to the printer; copies will be on the shelves
within a couple of weeks.

An eBook version (with extra content and full color
graphics) is also available. Print book customers
receive the eBook for free as part of their purchase.

Although based on the 1st edition (which was published
in 2009), this is essentially a new book. It has been
completely revised and fully updated to cover Gnuplot 5.

Highlights from the new edition:

- Full coverage of plots and standard features
  Including details on plot types, arrows and labels,
  keys and tic marks

- Color, color, color
  Color specifications, alpha shading and transparency,
  data-dependent coloring, false-color plots

- Terminal handling in depth
  Cairo-based terminals, SVG and HTML5 terminals,
  Latex terminals, terminal workflow

- Fonts and Unicode
  Detailed information on gnuplot's new font selection
  and Unicode strings: special symbols were never so easy!
- Loops, scripting, batch operations
  In addition to interactive use, gnuplot can also serve
  as programming environment for graphs. This books shows
  you how.

- ... and so much more!

Thanks to everyone on this list who has helped, through
advice or correspondence - and by keeping gnuplot active
and alive!

I hope you'll find the new edition useful - check it out!



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