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Daniel J Sebald
Daniel J Sebald wrote:

> Petr Mikulik wrote:
>>> How do you mean?
>> To have another tcl script which demonstrates also the mousing
>> functionality.
> Yes, that would be nice.  I'll search the web to see if there is some
> way of turning off the moust via tcl.

Sorry Petr, I just cannot seem to get tcl to relinquish use of ButtonPress and
ButtonRelease.  The X window and tcl literature is either too voluminous or
arcane and internet searches lead me nowhere.  I'm not even sure it is possible.
  I've tried things like

bind .plt.g <ButtonPress>
bind .plt.g <ButtonRelease>

event delete {on all the events that "event info" says are active}


However, I HAVE VERIFIED the mouse option by creating an X window via C and
clearing ButtonPress and ButtonRelease.  gnuplot is then able to utilize the
mouse in said window.

So, the patch works on my system, but unfortunately tcl can't demostrate the
mouse portion of it.

I've upload a patch that has a few extra comments in it.


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