Release 5.0.5 (version 5.0 patchlevel 5)

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Release 5.0.5 (version 5.0 patchlevel 5)

Source tarball for version 5.0.5 is now available on SourceForge

Release notes:

                GNUPLOT Version 5.0.5 Release Notes

Gnuplot version 5.0 was initially released in January 2015.
Please see the NEWS and ChangeLog files for a complete list of bug fixes
and minor changes accummulated since then.

These release notes are for version 5.0 patchlevel 5 (5.0.5).
This release contains bug-fixes, a few changes back-ported from the
development version, and a few new features.

Release Notes date: 10-Oct-2016

This patchlevel 5.0.5 incremental release includes

* NEW allow filename completion for system commands and pipes (backport from 5.1)
* NEW option to plot with labels {rotate variable}
* NEW command "set minussign"
* NEW stats command "name" option now accepts "columnheader" or "columnheader(N)"
* NEW command option "set colorbox invert"
* CHANGE qt terminal force selection of outline font rather than bitmap font
* CHANGE post terminal simplex/duplex output depends on PostScript level setting
* CHANGE improved autoscaling of plot "with boxes"
* CHANGE qt terminal sets TERM_POLYGON_PIXELS to avoid aliasing artifacts
* CHANGE all stats and fit commands skip header records if "autotitle columnhead"
* FIX Do not confuse EOF with 8-bit character 0x177 (E.g. in Cyrillic encodings).
* FIX use blank line rather than 'u' flag in "set table" output of smoothed data
* FIX order dependence of "fillcolor" keyword in plot commands
* FIX svg - better vertical justification of rotated text
* FIX wxt - file export widget correctly handles inactive plots
* FIX qt - preserve leading and trailing whitespace in enhanced text strings
* FIX various bugs affecting matrix data plotted "with image"


New command "set minussign" uses unicode character U+2122 "MINUS SIGN" rather
than an ascii hyphen when formatting numerical output.

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