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ephemerides data

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I have difficulties to plot ephemerides data.
They are generated by SkytechX in the following format:

Date;Time;Local R.A.;Local Dec.;
8/20/2017;12:00:00 UTC+1.0;10h 35m 50.60s;+03° 47' 15.38";
8/21/2017;12:00:00 UTC+1.0;10h 33m 13.63s;+04° 02' 23.70";
8/22/2017;12:00:00 UTC+1.0;10h 30m 23.99s;+04° 20' 34.64";

The column "Local R.A." is in time format: Hours Minits Seconds,
should be converted to: Hours + Minits/60 + Seconds/3600.

Column "Local Dec." is in angle format: Degrees Arcminits Arcseconds,
should be converted to Degrees + Arcminits/60 + Arcseconds/3600.

So the first record should become:
8/20/2017;12:00:00 UTC+1.0;10.587606;3.787606";

How to implement this convertion to decimal formats in Gnuplot ?

Many thanks !