gnuplot 5.1 cvs on OS X with WxWidgets 3.1 and Qt5

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gnuplot 5.1 cvs on OS X with WxWidgets 3.1 and Qt5

Hi all,

I managed to succesfully build gnuplot 5.1 on OS X El Capitan. I use
interactive terminals a lot, therefore I configured it with the wxt and qt
terminal. They both produce plots but the interactive window does not seem
to work properly. If I click on any icon in the window or try to zoom
nothing happens unless I do "replot" in the command window, in which case
all the actions I have tried to perform so far are processed at once.
Did anyone experience the same?
By googleing around I found out that things seem to work if you add ";
pause mouse close" to the plotting command. Can't this be changed?

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