linewidth option at set terminal (terminal name) for qt (Feature Requests 459)

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linewidth option at set terminal (terminal name) for qt (Feature Requests 459)

There was a Feature Request for linewidth option for qt terminal.

Currently qt terminal does not have linewidth option at "set terminal" command

gnuplot> set term wxt linewidth 2
Terminal type set to 'wxt'
Options are '0 lw 2 enhanced'
gnuplot> set term qt linewidth 2 
Terminal type set to 'qt'
         undefined variable: linewidth

Seeing manual of gnuplot for qt terminal,  linewidth option is not described.

For major interactive terminals, the "linewidth" option

wxt, x11, windows : implemented
qt, aqua : unimplemented

There might be a historical reason qt terminal has not implemented line width option. 

However, qt terminal is a now major terminal.

I hope that those who are familiar qt terminal accept the feature requests 459 and

implement linewidth option for qt terminal.


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