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mouse cursor text placement


There is a good deal of flexibility for specifying the format of the
mouse cursor read-out. This is excellent.

However, I don't see a means of determining its placement in relation to
the cursor cross-hairs.  This is limiting since if we need to use the
cursor click to paste cursor read-out on a graph, this does not work
well for a trough in the data.

The text ends up obscuring the graph exactly at the point we are trying
draw attention to.

It would be useful , as well as specifying the content and numeric
format ( which is powerful ) to be able to at least say which quadrant
of the cross-hairs to align to. A more general method may be worth

Ideally we need to place the cross-hair on the line ( to get correct
cursor values ) but ensure the text is below, in the case of a trough ,
not above and thus on top of the plotted line.

A simple  clockwise quadrant could be specified, default being existing
Q1.  Q2 would be underneath, left-justified ; Q3 under, right-justified
, etc.

This would make this excellent feature more generally applicable.

Regards, Peter.

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