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plot for introduces extra point at beginning

Suresh Govindachar`

Below is gnuplot script to draw four plots -- one uses "plot for" and
the other uses a multi-line plot command.  Although the data has 128
points per plot, the "plot for" result begins with an extra point and
draws 129 points.  The multi-line plot draws the expected 128 points.

Question:  how to make the "plot for" display the same as the multi-line

     flnm = "qm5000m_aos_soa.csv"
     myscale = 0.625 # 100/160
     set yrange [0:100]
     set grid
     set datafile separator comma
     set term wxt 0 size 1840,940 enhanced persist
     set title "plot for"
     plot for [ dat in "memcpy gpu1 gpu2 gpu4" ] \
         colnm = sprintf("%s %s", ct, dat) \
         flnm  using (myscale * column(colnm)) with linespoints
     pause -1 "Hit return to continue"

     set yrange [0:100]
     set term wxt 1 size 1840,940 enhanced persist
     set grid
     set datafile separator comma
     set title "plot multi-line"
     plot flnm  \
           using (myscale * column("32K memcpy")) with linespoints, '' \
           using (myscale * column("32K gpu1"))   with linespoints, '' \
           using (myscale * column("32K gpu2"))   with linespoints, '' \
           using (myscale * column("32K gpu4"))   with linespoints
     pause -1 "Hit return to continue"




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