ps_symbols.gpi error on gnuplot-5.0.2.

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ps_symbols.gpi error on gnuplot-5.0.2.


ps_symbols.gpi error on gnuplot-5.0.2.

platform MinGW64

generation of


Tatsu@Tatsu-PC MINGW64 /e/usr/Tatsu/msys2mingw64/gnuplot/gnuplot-5.0.2/gnuplot-5.0.2/config/mingw
$ GNUPLOT_LIB=../../docs/psdoc GNUPLOT_PS_DIR=../../term/PostScript gnuplot.exe ps_symbols.gpi

l= 0; set arrow from f1(l),g1(l) to f2(l),g2(l) nohead dt l
"ps_symbols.gpi", line 30: tag must be > 0

Before gnuplot 5.0.1
line 30:

l= 0; set arrow from f1(l),g1(l) to f2(l),g2(l) nohead lt l

"lt" is replaced with "dt" from 5.0.2.

The above is origin of the error.

Any suggestions?


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